Base with NTRIP or just rover?

This is a Reach RS+ question. I have two of these. Normally I just use one (Rover) with NTRIP for setting out GCPs for a done survey. I walk around with the RS+ and wait for it to get a fix.
Would I get better accuracy by using the Base with NTRIP at a fixed point (i.e. leaving it for whole survey) and then using LORA to connect the Rover to the Base? in order to get its corrections.

Any thoughts. Thanks!

NTRIP is just a communication layer,

Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol”

It does not add any additional accuracy, its just a different means of transporting the correction data over the internet to the rover.

NTRIP is mostly done for convenience, especially if trying to access multiple different bases over a large area just by selecting their mount point info. It is very convenient to only bring a rover. Since the bases are left in one spot permanently there is less chance of setup error, and best repeatability.

Local base, local corrections will always be the most accurate. But involves much more setup time and planning. Using Ntrip corrections to set this local Base will increase the accuracy of its mount point coordinates during setup. But also this can be prone to error if you are not super diligent setting up the field base each time.

No matter how accurate you might want to be the stated max accuracy of the M+ is +/-5mm +1 ppm, so how big an error do you think you have? Is it worth all the extra setup steps?


Thanks for this - your answer is what I suspected. We pay for the NTRIP service and work in a range of locations. I guess I would only use the base when no internet signal is possible locally for rover and we need to put the base somewhere else (with internet) and then use LORA to connect to rover to get signal corrections.
Im happy with errors of 20-30mm in X-Y and 40mm or so in the Z once we have processed the data.


Hi David,

@PotatoFarmer’s answer has already covered it all :slight_smile: Just wanted to leave a couple of links: our Working with NTRIP service and Base and rover setup guides can come in handy to set up everything.

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