Base stopped - but i have grey bar in rover status

Strange - i have pressed stop at my base.

but i have grey bars at my rover status…?

ok! please close or clear this - i have removed my base from internet and try to get fix with dr3…

They should disappear in 5 seconds after corrections are lost. Maybe there is a latency issue on your network?

ping was about 25ms… over internet

both devices at same wifi was about 10ms

Good morning.

Somebody can help me.

I got a Fix when I get conected to my WiFi, but, when I change to USB and UART, in order to use 3DR radios, I lose conection between them. How can I verify communication between 2 radios?.

Another question, how can I connect my reach modules when I got out to field, I mean, fay away from my office?

Thanks in advance to who can help me.

ssh into reach #1, run screen /dev/ttyMFD2 57600
ssh into reach #2, run screen /dev/ttyMFD2 57600

type in reach #1 window, and see characters appear in reach #2 window.
type in reach #2 window, and see characters appear in reach #1 window.

if characters are not transmitted from one to the other, then use the AT commands to configure the radios, or check your wiring.

(type CNTRL-a k to exit the screen program)

Hi Bide,

Thanks for your response, but, I don Know where can I type characters. When you say “AT commands to configure the radios”. What do you mean?

Thanks if you can help me.

If you want to verify communication between radios, then you need forget Reach for a moment and figure out how to send some plain ASCII characters across the radios.

You could use my instructions, or you could use a serial terminal program, like minicom or HyperTerminal, or you could just echo characters to the serial port.

The AT commands are what displays and changes settings on your radios. These should be described in your 3DR manual.

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