Base started but no activity

Hey all,
I just purchased the kit and am trying to get it to work outside. I’d like to eventually use it for agricultural vehicle guidance on my farm. So I follow the quick setup step by step and have both the base and the rover connected to a wi-fi network, but I can’t seem to get the base to start up properly. It says “started”, but the graph stays empty forever. The rover mode on the other end works perfectly. Are we supposed to input the base coordinates and elevation manually? Even we I did so it wouldn’t show anything on the graph.

Hello Antoine!

For now, entering base coordinates is necessary for proper RTK function. In addition, the Base station does not yet display anything on the graph, so you are fine in that area, although eventually they will add those features.

Good luck!

To add to @kk6mrp’s comment, the Base’s bar graph will appear on the Rover. There will be grey bars beside the Rover’s coloured bars, but you will only see them once you set them up to communicate with each other.

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Oh ok, I did see those grey bars on the rover. So I guess I should use Google Maps to find a good estimate of the base coordinates and elevation?

Yes, you could do that, but remember, your actual location will be relative to those coordinates. So, if you use it day to day, place the base station in exactly the same spot and use the same coordinates to get positioning that stays “true” in a relative manner.

Thank you very much.
I tried again today, but maybe my location wasn’t good because I couldn’t get a fix.

Have you updated your Reach? Have you entered the base coordinates?