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The Shifted Mark and the Known Point have to be separate entities? Say, I measure a brand new point as the Shifted Mark, and then I use the Base Point I used the day before as a Known Point? Would that work? Am I understanding correctly?

What if I was to measure the Base Point from the previous day as the Shifted Mark and then I use the known coordinates from that same point as the Known Point? Would that work as well?

Hi Rod,

The shifted point and the known point are the same entity.

On the first day, you collect the control point. At the beginning of every other survey day, you collect this point again. If it has a shift in coordinates from the first day, you can apply the base shift to eliminate a difference.

So the Known point in the RV3 is always the coordinates from the first day. The Measured point is the coordinates of the same point from another survey day.


I did this and it gives me a huge error, about 2 meters.

Hi Rod,

Let’s check your workflow first. Can you share some details about your experience with the Base Shift? How did you get such a result?

Screenshots from your project and CSV file can also help. If there is any sensitive info, you can share it to

Check out ToreCrash’ s excellent YouTube tutorial on the subject.


I did recently and that actually ended up working.


Hi Rod,

That’s great! I guess Tore’s videos were of much help? :slight_smile:

Do you use this feature in your workflow now or just test it?


Yes, Tore has made a great tutorial!


Haha, awesome. :sweat_smile:
I know its low budget stuff i come with but, pratice makes it better I hope.

Let me know if something wasnt clear enough or covered :+1:


I would like to have a more in depth explanation of the possible alternatives in case of cat or bird interference. :upside_down_face:


I use it on my workflow. The first time I did it on my own I actually did it like he displays on the video, but for some reason it didn’t work out for me, I must have made a mistake on one of the steps.

I assume within the scope of Reach units right?

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There are some tricky moments in the base shift workflow that I see:

  • The measured point can be collected with an already applied base shift
  • Measured and Known fields can be mixed up

Possibly, one of these reasons caused an error the first time.

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