Base Shift issue

Sta gapo & sta gapo1 are the same (before base relocate) or base1 is equal to new sta ( new base station relocated)or base2.
The problem is there’s a difference between ps creek and ps111 they are the same and ps creek castro = to ps112. I measure this two points for checking

I suggest the previous points should be adjusted or shifted as well.

Hi @willstar_beleno,

Please describe your workflow step by step so that I can see why the difference occurs. Which points were collected before and after you applied the base shift? Why would you like to shift the previously collected points?

First I put my base in unknown point average single I call it BASE1. then I collected the points from point 2 to point 14. I will make the Point 14(sta gapo1) the reference mark (KNOWN POINT). And then I transfer my base receiver(BASE2) in unknown point go to rechview2 I average single it again. THEN I go to my reference mark I observe it again I name it (new sta).

Hi @willstar_beleno,

Do I get it right you’ve applied it as follows:

  • Set up your first base

  • Collect the points with the rover in Fix

  • Collect the reference point with the rover and add it as a Known point to the Base shift tab

  • Set up the base at a new position

  • Go to the previously collected reference point with a rover and measure it in Fix again. Add it as a Measured point to the Base shift tab

  • Apply the shift


its like im doing a traverse in total station

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Hi @willstar_beleno,

I’ve checked your CSV file with the points once again and noticed something interesting:

In the workflow I described, the base position is changed only once. However, from the CSV file, I see that the new base position was altered by the Calculated shift value and then switched to the initial one. The difference between the ps creek and ps111 (which are the same point) approximately equals the Calculated shift, so it looks like the base shift was enabled and disabled.

I’d suggest testing it once again, following the steps I described. They should work well. If the issue repeats, please share the new results with me.


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