Base RS2 and Reach M2/M+ LoRa radio Rover

My plan is to use Reach RS2 as a Base station transmiting the RTCM corrections trough the LoRa radio. On the other side as a Rover I am planning to use Reach M2/M+ LoRa radio connected to the RS232 port on system computer (SIU unit - standard DB9 connector). The whole setup will be used for the NORBIT iWBMS system. Will it work. The only thing I don’t have at the moment is that LoRa radio.
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Currently, no. I have been working on what I call a 3rd party LoRa radio, see this link.

Sorry, re-read your post. I thought you were saying connecting a LoRa radio to the PC.

Are you outputting NMEA from the M2 to RS232? If so, yes it will work. If you are only connecting the radio, no.

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I’m also curious whether you meant connecting LoRa to PC or Reach with LoRa to PC?

Hi Svetlana,
My intention is to have RS2 as a base station transmiting the RTCM message trough the LORA radio on one side. On the other side should be LoRa Radio (from Emlid) receiving that RTCM message and connected to the RS232 port on the MultiBeam Echo Sounder computer. The Echo Sounder has it’s propriatery INS with the GNSS receiver from Trimble. Basicaly I want to have Emlid LoRa Base + Emlid LoRa Radio connected to any other GNSS receiver as a Rover.

Hi Darko,

I’m pretty sure it won’t work as 3rd-party GNSS receivers can’t communicate with our LoRa module.

You can connect a serial radio to Reach and your Echo Sounder. It should work for sure. Reach has RS232 and USB ports for that.

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