Base/Rover Setup


I’m using two RS2 units as a base and rover setup. Looking at the Reachview configuration options for each, are there certain options that should be turned off when you are running one as a base and one as a river unit?

Any setup advice is appreciated. Have followed the instructions video but still have questions…

As I am aware of, Reachview should warn you if a conflicting setting is enabled.
That said, out of old habit i usually turn of what i dont need. Better safe than sorry is my filosofy

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If you see or wonder about someting just ask. If the docs doesnt help you, the forum should

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Hey guys,

Just let me draw a conclusion here.

There are no options that should be manually switched off in order to configure one receiver as a base and another as a rover. Only, you need to pay attention to the LoRa radio as it could be configured to either send or receive corrections.

However, as @TB_RTK has said, ReachView will warn you if there are any settings that don’t allow you to save the desired configuration.

Please if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us either here in the community forum or via email at


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