Base-Rover configuration more precise than a single Rover?

Hello, i would like to know if a Base-Rover configuration (e.g. RS2 as a base over an known point and a RS3 as rover) is more precise than if i measure only with the RS3 receiver? Thanks and regards. Bernhard

Hi, yes, a Base/Rover setup will be more accurate in RTK mode than a stand alone uncorrected receiver.
Unless, you are receiving corrections over NTRIP from some type of service provider or from your own NTRIP Base setup for the single Rover receiver. You will always need some type of correction, either from your own Base or from a secondary service to achieve the cm accuracy. A uncorrected Rover just by itself will only get 3-5m accuracy, the same as your phone. Please see the excellent documentation provided by Emlid for further details.

Thanks, Mark

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Hi Bernhard,

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As @mark1st.john mentioned above, a Base/Rover setup will be more accurate.

A standalone GNSS receiver can only determine the position to within 2-4 meters accuracy without any corrections, whereas a Base-Rover configuration will give you more precise centimeter accuracy.

If you still would like to configure RTK with only one receiver acting as a rover, I can suggest an NTRIP service. This way you do not need to have your own local base. To work with NTRIP, you need to ensure the availability of the internet.

We have a post dedicated to obtaining precise coordinates with just rover.