Base rover accuracy

I’m really happy with my RS2, and I use it connected to a NTRIP net.
However when I need to push to the limits (staking buildings) I rely on my old dual constellation radio system base+rover.
The radio base rover system is from a main vendor (Topcon), and I can get 1 cm accuracy and repeatability.
Ntrip is in the 3-5 cm range (with all systems).
I wonder if I can get the same accuracy and repeatability with a Reach radio base rover system? Has anyone tested how Reach fares in this situations and how far can you push it?
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If you are truly getting +/- 1cm repeatably with the Topcon and need that level then you need to keep doing what you are doing. I ran Topcon on 915mhz for almost 20 years and never trusted it for consistently better than +/- 2-3cm and I get the same with the Emlid on LoRa. I trust NTRIP to about 4cm.


prob should be using a total station staking buildings.


At best using our world class Javad Triumph LS+ and T3 base via radio the accuracy would be 1-3 cm as Michael said. If your just staking building pads with low accuracy requirements, the RS2 would be fine.

However if staking actual building corners or “pinning” foundations for the brickwork, the RS2 isn’t accurate enough. We use our Trimble S6 robot for accurate layout requirements.


Thanks for the feedback.
For sure a robotic station is better in ideal environment.
However in many situations a total station is not suitable (no line of sight, high vibration environment and so on).
Ntrip for sure is not enough (with any system), but with base+rover and extra care I can push the limits and work in severe situations.
Just wondering if I can push the limits with base+rover reach too…

Hi Massimo,

I agree with the guys.

Speaking of estimated accuracy, you can rely on the values from the Reach RS2 technical specs. From my side, I can also recommend working with the lower baseline. And monitor that the unit has a good sky view by following the tips from this article.

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I was looking for a direct experience. Datasheets sometimes are too prudent.
My direct experience with my current base-rover and short range radio link proves I can push it beyond what can be expected.
I wonder if it would apply to a base-rover reach combo too. I guess I’ll fork some more money and find out soon :slight_smile:

Personally I would have to have the unit in my hands with the screen in front of me to believe that anyone is getting better than 2cm repeatability on a constant basis. That is taking into account 1.5cm horizontal and 2.5cm vertical using radio corrections. I have used Topcon, Trimble and Leica and if I was consistently tieing in +/-0.05ft I would be ecstatic.


Hi Massimo,

Feel free to share the results of your tests with us!