Base problems

My emlid reach module base sometimes don’t catch any satellites at all and don’t get solution status. But sometimes when I turn it on again it starts, sometimes it doesn’t. What can be the problem?

Hi Giorgi,

Well, there can be a few reasons for such an issue, let’s try to nail it down.

It looks like you can open the ReachView and access the device there when it happens. If so, that means that the unit passes time sync: it’s only possible when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access. Is it so?

What’s the LED status when it happens? What’s the firmware version on your Reach?

Also, I assume it can be some kind of bad connection between the antenna and the device if the issue appears from time to time.

The firmware is up to date. There is WiFi connection. Perhaps it is because of antenna to module connection

Yep, it’s more likely the case.

Do you have close-up photos of the connection? Not sure if it’s something visibly noticeable, but we can at least take a look.

How close to trees and buildings is your base?

The base needs open sky, because it has to see all of the satellites your rover might be able to see.

Is your module an m+ or an m2, or the original reach?


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