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Hello, I realize this is an old thread… I had assumed this was possible also. Relative measurements with respect to base make more sense if the base is set to 0,0,altitude when trying to locate specific locations from a drawing. Please inform us if that possibility has been added.
Currently when I select XYZ and set 0,0,0 in the base the x,y coordinates are not accepted.
Thank you

Hi Yves,

XYZ coordinates in Base mode are ECEF coordinates. ECEF means Earth-centered Earth-fixed. So, 0,0,0 is the center of the Earth in this system. That’s why they’re not accepted.

GNSS receivers, without any additional settings, calculate their position in WGS84. To convert these coordinates to any other system, you need to know transformation parameters. And there are no such parameters for relative coordinate system.

So, I think it should be possible to align your points in CAD software.

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Hi Svetlana,
Thank you for your fast reply.

For surveying, there is no issue with offsetting the data later in CAD with respect to one of the survey points. It works perfectly.

Now what I am trying to do is not surveying, but finding a specific location on the terrain.
I realize this is possibly a time consuming process considering everytime the rover is moved it takes some time to get an accurate location.
But here is the application flow.

  1. Measure targets and/or survey points on the terrain
  2. Create a point cloud using drone measurement including the targets in 1
  3. Accurately scale and orient the point cloud using EMLID measurments
    So far that works perfectly
  4. Design a landscape with new locations
  5. Find the locations using EMLID base / rover on the terrain
    What I would like is for the survey to show me relative XYZ points in real time so that I can find the location. The base can be set at the true location, however on my tablet it is difficult to remember 10 digit locations. Ideally I would loke to find for example the location E: 5.360m, N: 53.400m relative to the base location. What would you suggest as a procedure?

Thank you


If you measure targets and build a point cloud based on them, why it’s in the relative coordinate system? If you process a point cloud with targets measured with Reach, you already work with some coordinate system. So, you can design new locations in the same system and import these points to a ReachView 3 project. Then, place your base over a known point and stake out points from the project. What do you think about this workflow?

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That is approximately the work flow I am thinking of, however when staking the point, the rover displays real coordinates and it’s difficult to calculate in my head weather the value is close or not. That’s why I would place the base at the known origin (0,0) on my plan, and want to find the location say (10m,20.5m). The problem is only the display of the rover coordinates I think. Am I missing something?

Thank you

Hi Yves,

ReachView 3 has a specific stakeout feature. It shows the distance to the point, so you don’t need to calculate anything. Did you see it? Or are you trying to explain that it’s not suitable either?

Wow. It never even occured to me to click on one of the points…
The “Stake Out” button just showed up :wink:

Thank you very much!! I will be tring it out soon.

Hi Yves,

Share your impression once you try that :slight_smile:

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