Base not showing anything?

I’m trying to configure the REACH device for post-processing (due to internet limitations) and I have been able to get the Rover mode up and running but if I use the same REACH device in Base mode (in the Config tab from the ReachView App), if I click start, nothing happens - the “Status” tab says “started”, but I don’t see any satellite signals or anything. If I stop that, and start Rover, then I do see the satellite signals. For the Config, I am putting output as “File”, and I’m using Rinex version 3.0.2. My firmware is 0.4.9 and image is v1. Am I doing the Base setup wrong?

Base dont show satellite with 0.4.9, but grey bars are displayed at the rover.
If you update reachview to 2.2.7, base does show satellite bars. I would recommend trying beta2.2.7

I think this is only for real-time mode, right? Otherwise the base data would not be available for the rover. In any case, the base mode is not recording any data in the logs so I think something else is going wrong.

No, in version 0.4.9:

  • if doing RTK (real-time) then use base mode for the base (see sat signal on rover, and record RTCM3 base messages on the rover)
  • if doing PPK (post-processing) use rover mode for the base (see sat signal on base, and record raw log on base)

If you want to do RTK, and save a raw base log, and see base sat signal all at the same time, then you need to upgrade your firmware and software to the latest version as mentioned above.

Thanks so much for your help, Bide. I want to go for the PPK option as I am at sea and cannot download the new image. Does it matter which positioning mode I choose for the base? (e.g. Kinematic, Static-Base, Moving-Base, Single, etc). The documentation only talks about Kinematic, Single and Static but in my case, where the base is supposed to be moving, I’m not sure if Kinematic or Moving-Base makes more sense.

I believe only the Constellation/Frequency will make a difference to the raw log. For Example:

Possibly the receiver dynamics will affect it too (suggested to be ON for Kinematic use)

All of the other settings, like positioning mode, only affect the position output file (which does not matter if you are post-processing the raw log).

Afterward when you post-process with RTKPOST.exe, then you will select Kinematic or Moving-Base and whatever options you choose.