Base NMEA output

Is it possible to configure the “base” device to output NMEA messages in addition to the RTCM corrections somehow?

Is it i.e. possible to configure the output of the “single” solution of the base on the UART, while the RTCM corrections are made available on a TCP server?


At the moment, the answer is no. Upgrading base functionality is in our plans though.

Is there a way for you to use RTCM3?

Unfortunately I need the NMEA GGA output combined with the 1PPS event to make a Stratum 1 timeserver (I have another forum question on whether the Edison could be used for this).

If I can extract time information while retaining the 1PPS output of the UBlox, I guess I could modify the NTP/GPS interface to use the RTCM3 strings instead. I have to look into the RTCM specification to check that out.

Would it be possible to run another instances of the RTKLIB executables (two in total - I’m no expert in RTKLIB at all) on the edison from the command line, or does RTKLIB have two way communication to the UBlox device? If RTKLIB only listens for the output, maybe this could be an opening for getting NMEA messages out alongside the RTCM corrections?

Almdal, any update on whether you were able to get this working? I’m looking for a way to timestamp NMEA messages from a sonar unit with the IMU data to sync up with the GPS and knowing that the Raspberry Pi clock is regulated by the 1 PPS output of the Ublox would be great.

Hi. I really can’t recall the reasoning behind my last answer(which is almost a year old now), but I think you can do it. It’s possible to configure your base to send both corrections(via base mode->corrections output) and single position NMEA stream(via position output).


The last reply is two years old now, we’ve improved a lot since then :slight_smile: