Base Mode Locked On

I am trying to convert my RS2 base to a rover, installed RV 27.1 and the beta app update and it will not allow me to turn off Base Mode. “New Settings were not applied” in Reach Panel and there doesn’t appear to be that option in the new RV3 app route. I reset to default settings and it still does it. All other settings seem to be working so far. I am connected to home wifi and can easily connect.

…and just as I finished typing the RV3 app crashed on went back to the home screen.

I rebooted both devices and it worked in the Reach Panel.

They are still computers. If all else fails… reboot.

Glad you got it resolved.


Hi Michael,

Good thing the reboot helped! Still, that’s a weird behavior. Can you share the Full System Report from the unit with me in PM or over I’d like to quickly check if all is really fine here.

Also, how is the ReachView 3? Has it restarted after the crash?

Just PM’d you. Let me know if that doesn’t work. Thank you!


Seems like there’s an issue with the downloading for me. I suggest figuring it out in the PMs so that we keep this thread clear.

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Hi Michael,

Wanted to share the results here. Turns out that you caught an extremely rare config bug! We’ll make sure to fix it in the upcoming releases so that there’s no chance of the repetition.

Now, the unit works as expected. You can continue using it with no doubts :slight_smile: