Base mode john deere rtk

We are using a RS2 in BASE mode with NTRIP output in RTCM.

The rovers are JOHN DEERE SF6000 receivers.
We need RTCM messages 1004, 1012 and 1033.
Theses messages are not available in the configuration of BASE OUTPUT.

Please let me know which messages can be reconize by the JD receivers as valid RTK correction?

thank you


Currently it’s not possible to get either 1004 or 1012 MTs as output from an RS2 receiver.

Although the Ublox F9P chip does actually support these legacy MTs, Emlid have only enabled MSM4 message types as correction output via ReachView

In other threads I have politely requested that the Emlid development team consider supporting classic/legacy MTs including 1004/1012 but there is no firm plan or date of this is to be achievable.

So short answer is you only have MSM4 output to work with I’m afraid. Some receivers are happy with this, ComNav, Spectra and some are not (various Trimble and Topcon ag receivers). Whether JD Starfire 6000’s will accept MSM4 you can only tell by asking JD or trying it for yourself.


If this would have been possible , we would have this setup already :smile:


Tried it with any others makes Dave? Mixed rate of success here.

Many manufacturer don’t even tell you if they can support MSM message input, just blithely saying yeah RTCM3.x blah blah.

The devil as we know is in the detail. :grinning:


No ,only tried JD as thats what we got.


Very nice spread! :grinning:


Hi Nabil,

At the moment, it’s possible to output the following messages from Reach RS2 base:

Message Description
1006 ARP station coordinate
1074 GPS MSM4
1094 Galileo MSM4
1124 BeiDou MSM4

You can learn more about these messages in our docs.

As for 1004, 1012, and 1033 output support, we’ll consider adding this.


Thanks @tatiana.andreeva

Would you guys also please consider adding 1007/1008 to the classic MT’s you’ve mentioned, as we’ve found some receivers (Topcon and Trimble) need them to work properly?


Did you take that picture from on top of a grain silo? I think it would be a good place for an office/radio room/droneport. Great perspective. :grinning:


:smile: Drone


OK, just checking :wink:


Hello tatiana,
thank you for your answer!
when you say “We’ll consider adding this”, do you think that it will be soon?
i ask you to decide to wait or to look for another solution…
thank you very much
kind regards

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Hi Nabil,

At the moment, there is no ETA.


Hi guys,

Just wanted to give you an update on the support of the legacy RTCM3 messages. We’ve just released the Reach Firmware 26 Beta 1 version that can now output the following messages:

  • 1004
  • 1008
  • 1012
  • 1033

To find out more about new features and fixes (and a new naming system for the firmware versions) of the 26 Beta 1 version, check this community forum thread. Feel free to create a new thread with your testing results, we’ll be glad to see it!

Please note that this is a Beta release. Please don’t use it for important real-field work as it mainly serves as early access for the new features.