Base map with shape integrated -reference line-


I would like to import a baselayer (with shape integrated) into my surveys to follow the line that I have to survey. I am doing multiple point in the idea to make a line. I am doing multiple survey on the exact same line and data management is kind of messy when I am doing my surveys with the CSV import of my initial line. Is it possible to have a kind of reference line (or dots if lines not possible)

I would prefer a base layer or something that doesn’t have point in it. Is it possible?

Thank you !


I hope the next version of ReachView allow us to upload shp and/or dxf files. It´s frustrating only working with points as a baselayer.

Hi Charles and Rafael,

Thank you for the requests! It’s indeed useful features. We have plans to add more import formats such as shapefile and the ability to work with polylines in the future ReachView 3 versions.

For now, to work with polylines and other file formats, you can output Reach position to 3rd-party apps. To set the connection between Reach and an Android mobile device, you can follow the Android mock location guide.

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Hi Charles and Rafael,

OnPOZ Collect & Cloud (for Android & iOS) allows you to work with different map layers including the import of you own Shapefiles (other format are also supported).
It is very easy to use and obviously, it allows to connect to the Emlid via BT on Android or wifi on iOS. Data collected (points or polylines) will show the position in your selected projection along with orthometric height if you select a geoid model.
You can also create custom data entry form to collect valuable information along with accurate positions.
The app for the phone is free and you can create a free 15-day account at
The Cloud account is useful to create data collection forms specific to your needs and to retrieve the data collected in the field.

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Hi Stephanie,

Thank you! I´ll take a look at this app.

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