Base displaced during a PPP processing

Hello y’all,
I was doing a survey (base+rover, rtk), and my base was placed on an unknown point. It was logging for almost 2 hours; when I came back to the base, I’ve noticied that someone had displaced my base - some damn cows were scratching their backs on my tripod :joy: :joy:
It only moved maybe 5 or 10 centimeters. No equipments were harmed during the scratch.

My question is, can I pinpoint on the logging files the exact moment these damn cows moved my tripod? For instance, I’ve worked for 2 hours collecting points, while the base was logging the files for the PPP. Maybe after 1.1/2 hours, these cows decided to have fun with my equipment. So I know that the points collected in the last half hour are displaced.

Thank you all. Except for the cows.

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Yes, if you logged with your rover.?

Just process your base file as kinematic. The movement will likely show up and, obviously, you have time stamps.

CSRS-PPP in kinematic mode might pick up the movement if it was, say greater than 5 cm and especially if it was fairly sudden. If there was another base within say 50 km or better yet just a few km distance you will pick up smaller movements.

I’ve done this when bears have bothered the equipment or just when a pole has slipped off a mark.


My reaction to this : holy cow !

Anyway, as @TB_RTK and @jbonde002 said, processing the rinex files should give you the answer.