Base correction to Rover over NTRIP

Is there any simple doco on setting up RS2 Base to send correction to Rover over NTRIP.

There is doco on receiving correction on Rover over NTRIP from a VRN.

This is important when working in Urban areas where the Lora radio can only go a few hundred metres (Yes I have adjusted Speed etc as per doco)

I though that once a Mount Point was registered the Base could log onto say RTK2go and then broadcast the corrections but I cant see the Mount point from the rover.

Any ideas?

For rtk2go, just follow the instructions on their site. Works like a charm (with the odd limitation that it only broadcasts 30 sats, where the rs2 usually can transmit 35-40 sats).

Hi Christian…Have you done this youself?

Yes. Quite a few times.

Can you please give a brief workflow to outline how to do it?

This is another NTRIP caster service, but the workflow would be similar

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