Base correction output rtcm3.2 RS2


I tried to output correction thru emlid.caster to 3rd party receiver but I found that my RS2 is sending out correction as RTCM3.3 and my receiver is accepting up to RTCM3.2. I cannot find if thats possible to choose which RTCM3.X version RS2 is sending?

Michał Czyż

Hi Michał,

Glad to see you on our community forum!

You can use the legacy messages on Reach RS2. To enable them, connect to the unit via ReachView 3, go to the Base mode tab, and choose Show legacy messages option:

After that, you will see the full list of messages you can work with:

These messages should make working with your external receiver easier. Please give it a go and keep us in the loop on your tests!

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