Base Coordinates from RTK Survey

So just tried an RTK collection. Was able to download the survey points into csv format. So now I got the RTK points’ coordinates. Where do I find the base coordinates?

That should have been in Reachview. Unfortunately if it wasn’t an entered coordinate then it was probably averaged in and will begin to average again when turned back on. Someone else may know where to pull that from though. Did you have logging on as well? I always log while collecting just in case something doesn’t look right when I import to CAD.

I read in a previous post that it is in the rtcm file. You could get the base coordinates when you convert it to observation file using rgkconv. Wanted to know in which rctm file is it located?

Hi Juan,

RTCM3 file contains base corrections. You can download it in the Logging tab in ReachView. You can calculate the base position using the corrections data, but the solution will likely differ from the averaged position which was used during the survey.

The Position log may not be of help as well. The log contains only the Single base positions, so you can’t just average them to get the same coordinates that were used during the survey.

So, the only way to get the base coordinates is to save them from the Base mode tab manually.

kseniia, I thought that base positions are sent to the rover during the RTK session? From the rover, you could see the base coordinates used in the RTK session. It’s not located in any files transmitted to the rover? Strange that it was reflected on the rover in the status screen but can’t be saved.

Hi Juan,

If you work with a remote NTRIP base station, it should be possible to check the base coordinates on the NTRIP service site. However, if you set up a second unit as a base, there’s no way to get the base coordinates after the RTK survey.

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