Base coordinate for rtkconv

i have a two device, rover and base.
when i use rtkconv, for elaborate the base coordinate i don’t view in the option-position- the coordinate of my base…

if you are able to use the rtklib, sen me your email ok?

thanks and sorry for my bad english


Are you talking about post-processing? Then it should be RTKPOST.

Base position can be chosen from Options->Positions->Base station. Choosing average is almost always the best option.

Yes i talking the postprocessing.

i view in reach doc (GPS post-Processing) this

“The observations RINEX from the reference station includes exact position in the header file, so we will choose it for the base position”

why when i upload the reference file (base rinex file) doesn’t appear? thanks.

Hey there,

Our devs worked hard to provide you with a new tool for post-processing which is very easy to use and doesn’t require knowing lots of parameters. PPK takes up only a few steps to get the results. Please, make sure to try out Emlid Studio!

In Emlid Studio, you can set the base coordinates right after you’ve uploaded the raw data file. By default, the RINEX Header Position is used. For more info, check out our Kinematic processing guide.

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