BASE coordenates on LLH's header file with RTK solution

I wander if it could be possible to print the BASE coordinate on the header of LLH file, wile the receiver is getting corrections on a RTK survey.

It seems that the BASE coordinate is only obtained if the operator take note of it, or if it is already known (occupation of a known point)…

It could be better if the coordinates could be printed directly on the file, decreasing the possibility of a miss hand noted data.

Hi Fabio,

In the meantime, it is not possible to record both base and rover coordinates in a single .LLH file.

You can record the position in LLH format both on base and rover. The .LLH file recorded on the base will contain the base coordinates, the file recorded on the rover - rover’s coordinates accordingly.

What I mean is record the reference coordinate on the rover LLH file… Facilities the knowing results of the rtk survey

Hi Fabio,

This feature isn’t implemented for now, as I mentioned.

However, you can, for example, save the base coordinates in ReachView using a Survey tool, or record the separate LLH log on base.

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