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Base Coord

(Luis Galina) #1

I think that many of the users of the EMLID RS + would agree that in the Rover the coordinates of the BASE can be saved and not have them to write down in a paper and that is in the database of the survey

(Michael Lambert) #3

Is this a feature request or already available? I always take a picture of my averaged or known point and file it to my OneDrive job file from my iPad.

(Luis Galina) #4

It is an order !!! I also take a photo, it would be better to have it in the database sometimes you forget to take the photo. Did I try the Nuwa? it’s excellent

(Michael Lambert) #5

Totally agree! Or have a save option with naming in base mode once you are happy with the averaged/entered coordinate,

(Luis Galina) #6

totally agree too !!! but the orders do not listen to us :thinking:


Yes please! Very helpful for my workflow.

(A Walker) #8

There are 2 other similar requests:

Feature Request: Base station coordinates in export - i.e. have the base coordinates in the survey export.

Feature Request - Base Location Height - i.e. Save the base location to the base device.

Both have been marked as possible and may appear in the future.

Save point of BASE location with survey?
(R.) #10

I just had the same issue, I think it’s importante to save the base coordinates instead of writing it down.