Base configuration

I have a big question ? where I configure the coordinates of the base, from the base or the rover.
because I see that it calculates the coordinates of the base from the rover?

Hi Luis, you configure the coordinates for the base on the base. On your rover, corrections output would normally be off. This will tender all setting on the base mode page redundant on your rover.

Use your base to set all base settings. Part of the corrections message from your base to your rover includes the base coords so that is why you see that on the status page for your rover…

Hope this helps, Al


Thank you !! how do I notice that Rover on base mode calculate the position of the base that’s why it’s my confusion

Yes, it can be a little confusing as first. To add to Al’s comments, every Reach device can play the role of base or rover, and they can even play both roles simultaneously. There are cases when you want one Reach device to do play both roles, and so this is why you can see and configure both base and rover settings in ReachView.

We should note that in no case are there any Reachview settings transferred from one unit to the other. The settings you make are only for the particular unit that you are connected to.

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