Base and Rover with External software

Can someone share if i can integrate Reach Rs+ rover and Base with external software, and has anyone found a workaround?

Hi @sdobrev85! There are several software package that will accept a generic NMEA connection to the Reach RS+ receivers. You will still use Reachview to setup your base and corrections method. It all really depends on what functionality you need that Reachview doesn’t have.

Microsurvey FieldGenius - High end with the most functionality. (Windows CE, but soon to have Android support)
MapIt (Android Only)
ArcGIS Collector
Mobile Topographer
SW Maps


Hi @chascoadmin. I am trying to use SurvCE ver.6, i had no trouble connecting to the rover, but there was no explanation in docs section how to connect to base. The problems with reach view that i have encounter so far are several. First when i make a project with more than 150 points it starts lagging(slowing down), i am staking out a road and it freezes when it changes the screens. Second it does not have the option to choose the base point from a project, everytime you need to enter the coordinates manual. Third the most distant base line i have reached in my practice with EMLID REACH RS+ is about 1 km at a perfect clear conditions. Near trees and other obsticles 500-600 meters. I am using it in Bulgaria and the GSM provider are using frequencies above 900 Mhz so i am setting up LoRa below 900 Mhz, but still 1000 m was the longest base line.
The interesting part is that i can make 5 or 6 project with no more than 150 points and it works ok, but when i put 1000 point in single project it crushes. This was my biggest reason to use external software, and the option to make localizations on site.

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In my opinion I think you’ve done about as much as you can do. SurvCE is a great option and when working on projects with a load of points we are almost always best served with better hardware than a mobile device. All the software deficiencies you listed the same reasons I have not been able to put these units in production. That said I think the trouble with being able to maintain a longer baseline is in combination with the fact the units are L1 only. The RTK fix is not solely dependent upon the Lora signal, but also the quality of the satellites that each receiver is seeing. I typically work in hilly terrain and 500 to 700m is pretty standard.

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You do not need to set anything for the BASE in the third party software. Just in ReachView you set everything for the BASE and ROVER.

Ok, but for example in SurvCE i have the NTRIP corrections set to connect to internet address, but how to make it accept coorections from radio?

I don’t use SurvCE, but FieldGenius. The ROVER setup is similar.

I do not use NTRIP also. I just use a BASE & ROVER and no problems. Thought you were using a BASE and ROVER? I assume you also want to NTRIP also? Probably need to set all that in ReachView. No idea about your radios etc.

Doesn’t seem to be very many SurvCE users here I noticed. One definitely has had some real problems but not related this…and there may be a few others that can jump in and help you out.

Yeah, I think that is a difference in culture of different use-cases. There are allot of drone pilots or people soon to get licensed that have always worked with mobile devices. This is just the process of merging the two. Allot of higher end GPS hardware is integrated with it and now they are in process of getting their software on mobile in the other direction.

Hi @sdobrev85,

You can enlarge the possibilities of Reach receivers by using 3rd party survey software, such as Carlson SurvCE. However, the base and rover setup should be configured in ReachView app.


Thanks everyone for the responces. I will continue my test when i have more time in my hands. It would have been nice though if the tutorial on intergrating with external software was mentioned how to set up the base as well.

You might check out , there is allot of info in there!

Hi @sdobrev85,

We will think about adding this mention in our integration guides.

Thanks for request!

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Hi guys,

It’s been a long time since this thread was closed. But I couldn’t pass by without sharing a couple of updates.

Now, we provide a ReachView 3 app to operate the receivers, collect and stake out points. I remember that I saw a ReachView 3 project with 7000 points, and it worked just fine. So, I’d recommend you give it a go.

One more piece of news is that we’ve recently added the Point Picker tool to ReachView 3. That means that now you can choose the base coordinates from the project. Feel free to try it out, and share your feedback with us in a new thread :slight_smile: