BASE and ROVER using internet on RS2

hello guys, need help to setting base and rover correction using internet?
can we use ReachView on phone to setting it? thank you.

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You can set up a base and a rover via the ReachView app on iOS and Android. Do I understand correctly that you’re planning on setting the RTK link between two receivers via the NTRIP service?

You can take a look at our Base and Rover Setup video that explains how to configure both receivers to send and receive corrections via LoRa radio. To set up a connection with the NTRIP service, you can watch this video tutorial on how to receive RTK corrections over the Internet.

We have detailed Quickstart guides here. They might be of help to you. You can always ask further questions on the community forum or via email

hi @polina.buriak \

we installed the gsm card on the base and rover whether the base can send corrections using the internet?

if yes, what menu should be used whether TCP or NTRIP?


You can configure the RTK link via the Internet by connecting both receivers to the NTRIP caster. For example, you can use the rtk2go one.

To establish the link between both receivers via TCP, they both need to be connected to the same network. For example, you can connect the rover to the base’s hotspot and configure the correction input/output via TCP. There’s no need for the Internet connection in such setup.

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