Base and rover rtk problem

the Rover device fixes but after a few minutes it sticks, when I move with the Rover it doesn’t move it stays stuck the same thing happens to me when staking out.

Hi Gabriel,

This is the weird behaviour, I’ve never seen something like that. Do you have screen recordings to share? It’d help us a lot in nailing it down.

What is the your mobile phone model, by the way? Is it Andoid or iOS?

Are you in Static RTK mode ?

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Oh, that can be the case. Static is intended for surveys when the receiver is placed on one point and kept unmoved. If you try to go to another point in Static mode, you’ll lose the fix.

Switching to Kinematic positioning mode in GNSS Settings will solve it.

the problem arises after a few minutes in lora mode, the Rover gets stuck it takes around 1 minute to restore the position, and then when I move again the same thing, I can’t work, by the way they are rs+ model.

air data fluctuates between 0.2 and 5 I think that is not normal

I see, thanks for the clarifications! At the moment, it looks like something disrupts the LoRa signal.

What are the conditions you work in?
Are there any sources of interference or obstacles between base and rover?

It is not the environment that has happened to me every time I have tried to work in a clear environment and good environmental conditions.

Then we can fling aside these reasons and concentrate on others.

What’s the current firmware version on your Reach devices?

Also, it seems we need to look at the logs from both devices at this stage. Please send us the following data to

  • raw data logs from base and rover
  • position log from the rover
  • base correction log from the rover
  • Full System reports from base and rover
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