Base and Rover rs2 +

Hello all
Could you help me, please?
I’m trying to figure out how to set up an RS2+ as a base and the second as a rover.
I am in a place where I do not have a well-known point (For setting up the base), but I do have an NTRIP connection.
Show my point what the correct procedure is so my base gets NTRIP corrections and is forwarded to the rover.
Looking for absolute accuracy


Conceptually, to get you started, you:

  • Simply connect the base to the NTRIP
  • In Base Mode, you start averaging (would recommend the 30 min option).
  • When done, you start sending corrections from your base over your preferred comm-interface (LoRa, NTRIP, TCP etc)
  • Configure the rover to receive the corrections, and you are good to go.

Thanks a lot for your answer
in Base Mode, you start averaging (would recommend the 30 min option)
There is an average single - float- fix which one should be used?
Also the average time every 2 min for 30min total or 30m average?


Always fix, if you have NTRIP access.

It will average for 30 min at the rate of GNSS interval setting (i.e. 5 hz), if you select the 30 min option.

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Hi Nikos,

I can confirm Christian’s words. In short, you need to place the base and configure the correction link for RTK on both the base and the rover.

To place the base accurately, you can use Average FIX. As for the averaging time, the default 2-minute option can be enough to obtain cm-level accuracy, although the 30-minute option suggested by Christian is also good.

You can configure correction streaming either via LoRa radio or Emlid Caster. For the second, you’ll need a stable internet connection on your working site.

Thank you very much, guys, appreciate it!
Best wishes for Merry Christmas