Base and Rover configuration with RFD radio

i have connection my 2 reach with rfd radio (UART connection).
i don’t know how configure the base and rover for radio comunication

Base configuration :
i have to configure Input correction ?
I have to configure position output?
i have to configure base mode?
how to configure this field?

Rover configuration:
whic section do i set?

thanks a lot

you find it all via the search… even all the problems with 3DR.

Some info:
Hopefully the 3DR is working “normally”. If not, it can be checked with a Software, called 3DRRADIOCONFIG.

“Normally” only one 3DR device has a USB-conn. the other one has only a serial line. And this is what I am describing:
3DR with USB is connected to the BASE-Emlid:
Output path for corr. : serial --> USB
Speed: 57600
Output format: rtcm3
and “I” have:
RTCM3 Messages can be: 1002, 1006, 1008, 1010, 1019, 1020
Input source for base corr: serial --> UART …if no USB !!
Speed: 57600
…This is my config…hope it helps


thanks, but i have connect the boot device with uart.
and i don’t know how i configure the base and the rover…
an example "firmware 2.2.5"
for the base wich field i have to compile?
-correction imput?
-position output?
-base mode?

the same to the rover…
thanks a lot, i’m crazy

For base, use base correction¨
rover, use correction input

Dont use output correction AND base setting at the same time with same setting.

thanks a lot

if possible to correct the base and rover with ntrip service at same time?

i have not tried it yet, but use additional correction input.

Some free services allow 3 simultaneous connections.

For a static base you need only one time to use ntrip Server to get his fixed position …

ok thanks a lot…