Bad mavros/local_position/pose and mavros/imu/data


I want to use /mavros/local_position/pose.
But even if I walk a straight line of 100 meters, my pose wanders around the 0 position.
The gps is relatively accurate, so I think the problem lies with the imu data.
I have callibrated my accelerometer succesfully with apm2.
But when the navio2 is standing still, I have still some random accelerations.
For example: the x acceleration jumps between 0,5 and 0,3.
Is it possible that this is my problem?

If yes: how can I solve this?
If no: do you have any idea what the cause is of the bad pose estimate of mavros?

Kind regards Robbe

Hi, @rcommissaris11,
What is the output of /mavros/global_position/local?

As you can see in the screenshots below, the position changes a lot.
During this test the robot didn’t move and had access to 16 sats.

I have the same issue on my drone.
I don’t move it, but the there are many positions being published on “mavros/local_position/pose”. I noticed a variation of 20 meters while my drone staying stopped.
Is this a possible bad MAVROS configuration? Do you know about it?

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