Bad Logging

So why would I be getting “bad logging” on my Navio2 ?

Any one have an idea ?


This error can be caused by insufficient space on SD card. Do you expand your file system?
Also check your SD card class or try another one.

Yes I expanded via raspi-config. Will fly in a day or 2 and let you know if the problem still exists.

On a separate not, I notice that on my flight this weekend i got about 7 GPS glitch errors

Hi, I had this same error on last Saturday, with lots of space, I fixed with “fsck /dev/device/”
where dev/device must be filed with your S.O names.
But please, this command works for me , If you have bad blocks I don’t know will be the results, please take care.
To discover :
df -m

Thank you Rob.I set my LOG_ to both file and Mavlink…I hope this helps

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