"Bad Battery" message in Mission Planner

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  1. Ardupilot 4.1.2 QuadCopter
  2. During flight, with a fully charged battery, a “Bad Battery” message pops up on the Mission Planner screen and I get a battery failsafe (I think). 11.1v 3300mah 3s battery.

I don’t know if I have something loose, a bad power distribution board, or ?

00000222.BIN (3.8 MB)

a lazy battery… and some extra weight.

Average RCOUT is around 1600…

If your motor/esc can work with a 4S battery or a larger propeller, have a try.

Else, lower your battery settings in order to avoid low voltage failsafe (BATT_CRT_VOLT at 9.5)

Capture d’écran 2022-01-21 à 08.07.59

Thank you Marc! I appreciate you checking this out.

I suspected it might be weight, and needing more juice from the battery. What does “RCOUT” stand for? Is there a map or a key to all the telemetry data labels?


Feel free to navigate the arducopter documentation.

RCOUT 1 to 4 is the PWM value commanding the ESC (Mot 1 to 4 or more)

Thank you

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