Backup GCS on localhost (Raspberry Pi)

Hi all,

I have been tinkering with Navio2 for a while now, but that has been mostly table experiments. Real flying is scheduled for this spring :slight_smile: I need ideas how to perform a failsafe autoland.

My setup is relies on 3g/4g connection which is not stable. To deal with that I have crontab bash script which runs every 30 seconds to check the connection with the GCS. If there is no ping, we reset the USB 4G dongle (with uhubctl tool), restart the openvpn connection and try to reconnect. If still no success then I need the way to send the quad back to home location and perform autoland.

My only idea is to run a 2nd GCS on with some scriptable software and issue a GO_HOME script if connection is permanently lost.

How do I run 2nd GCS on localhost?
Can I script a GO_HOME script with DroneKit or something similar?

Any ideas would help.
Thank you.

Hi @vpozniy,

You can specify two telemetry options in /etc/default/arducopter file. For example,

TELEM1="-A udp:"
TELEM2="-C udp:<GCS_IP_address>:14550"


Thank you, Tatiana. It works. Now I have Mission Planner connected on Windows PC and can simultaneously connect with

sudo --master=udp:
mode rtl

on Raspberry.

That should be initiating return to home mode. Will play with loading the DroneKit module to mavproxy.

Guys, any other ideas how to safely go back and autoland if connection is lost?

Hi @vpozniy,

Have you tried to configure RTL Mode?

Going to do that as soon as Iā€™m able to arm without the radio. Iā€™m trying to build a fully 3G/4G controllable copter.

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