Backpack Recommendations for Reach RS+

Hi Everyone,

I am using the Emlid Reach RS+ Base and Rover. I plan on taking the rover into the forests of northeast USA for some mapping projects. Does anyone have recommendations for a good backpack with a monopod that can easily mount a Reach RS+ receiver ?

Maybe this guy can help you .


There are many Trimble Rover back-packs on Ebay and they have a pair of range-pole mounts as well as a frame within the pack to help the unit steady. They are not the prettiest or that useful for back-packing but they have been used by GPS surveyors for decades when all the gear was modular (antennas on the pole and reciever/radio in the pack).Trimble-R2-GNSS-Receiver-with-Tablet-W


My setup involves adding a 5/8"-11 to 1/4"-20 adapter screw which I think Emlid has in store too.

The monopole can be any camera monopod with the same screw base or selfie stick (they usually have 1/4"-20 screws). For selfie sticks, do look for sticks where the articulating joint that is usually at the end is reasonably sturdy to support the weight of RS+, since it is heavier than most if not all smartphones, which selfie sticks are usually made for.

My backpack was improvised using my own deuter running backpack (Futura 22). It had a hole in the middle to fit headphone cables so I used that as the outlet for the pole. Unfortunately there are no securing straps inside the bag to keep the pole straight since it was not made for monopoles. So the pole does shuffle a bit but not by much! Hope this helps!


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