Ayuda a conectarme por primera vez

Necesito ayuda para poder anclarme y conectar el receptor a mi telefono celular. Uso la aplicacion de emlid y sigo los pasos descritos en la página de emlid pero no funciona.

Quiero saber si lo estoy haciendo bien o si existe otra forma de poder hacerlo. El equipo lo acabo de comprar y nunca lo he usado.

I need help to be able to anchor and connect the receiver to my cell phone. I use the emlid application and follow the steps described in the emlid page but it does not work.
I want to know if I’m doing it right or if there is another way to do it. I just bought the equipment and I have never used it.

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#1 problem with initial setup using cell phone:

  • You turned on Reach
  • You connected to Reach WiFi hotspot
  • You entered in the name, security type, and password of your cell phone hotspot
  • You asked Reach to connect to your cell phone hotspot.
    ***Your cell phone is connected to Reach as WiFi client! The cell phone hotspot is off! Reach cannot connect to your cell phone hotspot when if is off!
  • Solution: Turn off Reach. Turn on cell phone hotspot. Turn on Reach. Now it will look for and connect to your cell phone WiFi hotspot.

#2 problem with initial setup using cell phone:

  • You entered your WiFi information in Reach, but Reach won’t connect to your wifi.
    ***Most times, there is some small error in the WiFi settings. It looks right, but it is not. Very carefully check every character. Uppercase, lowercase, space(s), punctuation. There could be two spaces together, or a space at the start of the end. There could be a lower case L instead if a a 1(one) or a capital i. The punctuation could look the same but it really is a different character from an extended character set or a foreign character set. Think about changing your WiFi network name and password to only have normal alphanumeric characters a-z A-Z 0-9 Keep it simple!

Does that help you?

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Hi Mario,

Please take a look at our first update video:

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That’s the way I try to connect through the application.

That’s the way I try to connect through the application.

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