Averaging control point over 2 observations

Hi guys, what what would be the best and quickest way to average 2 sets of coordinates for a control point without using N4CE. Does any one know if i can do this within emlid studio or any other software.

Industry standard is for us to observe 180 epoch, which works out to be 3 minutes per observation. Our 2nd observation has to take place 1 hour after the 1st observation to allow for the gnss to observe a new triangulation. The coordinates which will be used for our benchmark will be the average of both sets of observations. All our obbs are made with ntrip corrections.

Would appreciate your help, thanks !

Simple with a spreadsheet.


HI, do you a excel spreadsheet with formula layout ? thanks

Are you asking how to average #s in Excel? Here ya go:


I know how to average hahaha, i was wondering if you had an excel sheet with lots of other gnss formulas

Not really. With regard to evaluating coordinates to be averaged, I have a sheet set up to also display the distance between LLH coordinates in meters and feet. But it is specific to my latitude. And you could easily use THIS calculator to do the same thing.

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Dave’s solution looks the most optimal to me as well. Did you have a chance to test it?

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I would advise longer observation times to have enough data to PP to a local onsite base if you have one. A local onsite base will save time and revisiting if your error budget is exceeded if you have PP capabilities. Static observations are best for precise work with enough time on station.


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