Average base position


I just updated my Studio version and couldn`t find the option to average base position on PPK processing… only the options do get file headers or manual input.

Any advice on how to get this option back, please?

Hi Gabriel,

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Yes, we removed this option from the ways to set the base position in Emlid Studio. However, you can still use the RINEX Header. It’s also calculated by averaging the base position, but a bit differently.

Why do you need the Averaging option? Is it for a specific project?

Hello, thanks for the reply.

No specific reason, I just noted the change and now I am using RINEX Header.

“Averaging base position” for my understating is pretty clear and straightforward, so this used to be my first option. However, if the experts recommend using RINEX Header, fine for me!

Is there any documentation about how the RINEX Header base position is calculated, please?

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I’ve discussed your question with the team and realized I misled you. Sorry! RINEX header option uses the coordinates of the latest calculated epoch, not the averaged ones.

But anyway, this position is a few meters accurate, and it’s enough to process the data if you need to work with the relative position.

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