Available free GPIO pins on NAVIO2?

Hi all.
This is my first post. I just received my Navio2 and I’m starting to read and learn.
I have a question regarding the GPIO pins not connected to anything on Navio2.
Se mantienen los mismos que en NAVIO+?

29 - GPIO5
31 - GPIO6
33 - GPIO13
35 - GPIO19
36 - GPIO16
32 - GPIO12


Navio2 uses more GPIOs on the header, basically the only free pins left are the ones in the UART port.

Ohhhhhh! ;(


If you need more you can reuse the pins of interfaces that you don’t use (UART, I2C).

Thank you. The problem is that I have not much experience in electronics. I’m seeing that I could use both rx / tx free UART pins (the other two are for telemetry).
The other option is to use an I2C hub, similar to the pixhawk, try to find information about the possibility of using multiple sensors simultaneously.

Thanks Mikhail.