Autosteer for tractors

Hi everyone, I am an advanced agricultural engineer student from Uruguay, also analyst programmer student. After working for years with gps guidance systems in AgroTrack (Co-Founder) this time I will share with the community an autopilot system I designed for tractors.

It features:

  • Navigation path creation
  • Automatic turns
  • Firebase integration, including a half coded dashboard, for realtime watching AND DRIVE!
  • PID customizable
  • OpenSource Python!

You will need:

  • Reach with solution output in TCP
  • Raspberry PI and Arduino nano
  • LTE modem+router
  • Nema23 motor with controller (can be dc motor if you code for it)
  • A potentiometer for steering angle measure (I used a servomotor with the case removing the pcb.)
  • Phone or tablet to control it.


Cool this is very much like AgOpenGPS even the hardware and functionality is very similar

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Congratulations - that looks fine.

i am andreas form the support team of agopengps.

always happy to helping each other…
maybe there is a part where we can work together…



I am very into AgOpenGPS, I am building hardware to test it right now.

I think its time farmers took control of there machines again.

I priced out a new RTK system no screen, no cables, no guidance, no ability to fix it, or cross integrate it. What an affordable option! Does not even have a basestation!

What a deal, eh, haha

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with agopen we make a system at 1/10 of that price including all you need


Best part is if you want more functionality you are free to start coding yourself.

Congratulations to @farmerBrianTee and the rest of your regular team AgOpenGPS is getting better at a phenomenal rate. :+1::+1::+1:

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i would like to do this. i will have a look into your project.

could you add some more docs how to install and use at github?

Hi everyone, thanks for your messages, actually before start coding checked some repos on github but unfortunately didn’t meet agopengps, yesterday tested it, (we are thousands of kilometers away but randomly designed them really similar, including my nano with potentiometer (WAS), was so easy to migrate!) and worked like a charm! I think there is no time to reinvent the wheel so I will leave my pride of authorship and hope to contribute to your project @Andreas_Ortner! I also messaged Brian in the morning, great work!


Hi, is this a completely open source project or do I need to buy something? On github, I did not find ino files for arduino and there is no connection diagram anywhere. I use AgOpenGPS but would love to try your project

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