Autosteer and rtcm3 to cmr

I search to use my Reach with my autosteer guidance Trimbl… But it like CMR and nothing else .
Someone knows a solution for Reach sending CMR?

Hi Julien
I don´t know this is a good solution for you, but this app could convert RTCM->CMR and can run under linux:

Hi, eduardo

I contacted them, this is the first solution I found on the web.
But the license is expensive and I prefer an OpenSource solution.
Either I write a conversion program, or I change autoguidage.
The second choice being the simplest I think.

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What´s round price for this solution Julien? What Trimble controller do you have? Do you checked with Trimble if RTK/VRS license will not enable RTCM too?

The price of 2 “reach rtk kit” for one license.

My controller is a EzGuide500, but for my research work (INRA) I want to use this with CFX-750 and FMX. The cfx could run in rtcm3 (on paper). To test…

I have a base station were we can configure CMR output, but I in Brazil and solution would not be useful.

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