Autopilot start error : 890 start code error

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Hi Mesut,

Could you post here the output of sudo emlidtool test?

Also, may I ask you to share your hardware setup photos?

I’m having the same error but with rover…

What is Ardupilot? shouldn’t run only rover or arducopter or arduplane etc? That’s why I never bothered about the error of ardupilot…
What is the settings file ardupilot in /etc/default for?

at this link, i’m following the directions but at the steps when i try to remove a file, i can’t remove it. for example. steps are like this:
cd /lib/modules/4.19.83-emlid-v7l+/
sudo rm build
sudo git clone --depth=1 build
cd build
sudo git checkout rpi-4.19.83-navio

but at the second step i trying ‘sudo rm build’ but i have this message
rm:cannot remove ‘build’; is a directory.
i knoww i need to remove this file but i cannot do it. otherwise still i cannot control my drone with my Radio. for the next time i will try frsky taranis x9d :slight_smile:
and finallye thanx for your help

after all. my sdcard became crazy :)))) and finally i started from begining.

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