Autopilot on Navio2


Is it possible to run the autopilot even with high compass offsets? The internal compass has calibrated with high x and y offsets but in general seems to be working fine and points in the correct direction. I have been able to arm it by disabling the prearm check temporarily, but no luck in getting the autopilot running. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

Edit: A little bit of clarification, I am able to start the autopilot but the throttle doesn’t seem to be armed, even when I disable the prearm checks and Mission planner shows that the rover is armed.


Yes, we’ve been flying with the high offsets for a long time.

I’m using the navio2 to run a ground rover with ArduRover2.51v and the problem I’m encountering is when I switch to the autopilot mode, the steering servo initiates and is moving while nothing happens with the throttle. I am having no EKF errors and everything else seems to be in order. When I switch to manual mode, I am able to control the rover with no issues at all. so that is why I assumed the high compass offsets are disabling the autopilot. Any ideas on what is causing this issue?