Autonomous Robotic Mower v1

“The Bumblebee”

I built this project because it utilized a myriad of disciplines from mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering; none of which I have an official background in. I have always enjoyed building things and the challenges that come with. I am sharing this project in hopes it will inspire others to dream up something interesting in contribution to the robotic community.

I will outline the project steps and components shortly. I am currently finishing a couple of things and need to connect the dual sonar sensors then run a few tests.



Hey! That’s pretty cool. Don’t forget to share some videos too :slight_smile:

Thanks Mikhail. I just tried to upload a video of the mower but your website does not allow for such uploads. Only low quality .gif extentions for video.


Can you upload to youtube or put the vid up on google drive and share the link here instead?

Robot Lawnmower v3 - YouTube


Awesome project! Can’t wait to see more of the details!