Autonomous Quadcopter Drone

I am working with a team of four for our final year design project in Texas A&M. I have to build an autonomous Drone that will capture any unwanted Drones. We are planning to use Navio2 for our flight controller and Raspberry pi 3 as the microcontroller. For capturing mechanism we are going to use image processing and net launcher. So basically, we will have our own radar station that will detect location(gps) of unwanted drone. The location of the drone will be later on transmitted to the microcontroller so that the drone can go to that location.


  1. What type of coding can I expect on this project ? NAVIO2 has built in GPS. So is there any programming involved going to a certain gps location.

2)How good is NAVIO2 and raspberry pi 3 for image processing ?

Sounds as if you are at the very beginning of a interesting voyage. Please keep reporting.

Navigating to a specific location should be very easy with Arducopter, drone kit and mavlink messages. Or you go for ROS but I think that is more complicated.

Open CV or TensorFlow can do image recognition onboard the Raspberry pi.

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