Autonomous drone

Hi everyone
I’m developing a project of a quadcopter that has to autonomously find a radio beacon in a radius of 50/100m, I’ve the beacon and the receiver, the receiver is now composed by an arduino board that can tell to the FC the direction of the beacon and the distance, how could I make arduino communicate with navio?

Hi! You can connect an Arduino to Navio using a serial port.

Ok, that was clear, but my question was about how could I manage the connection via software, thanks

You could write some script that would read serial port (/dev/ttyAMA0) with distance and direction data from arduino, read current position from APM, calculate the desired direction and then send new waypoint to APM using MAVLink\MAVProxy\DroneKit etc.

Could you give me some information on these methods to send waypoints, I’m good in programming, mainly C, but I haven’t never used mavlink, I know it’s used for the communication between the drone and the GCS, why should I use it for the script in the FC?