Autonomous control input of UAV

This is a general question related to autonomous control of UAV without a joystick. Suppose I have a motion tracking system and a drone, I want the drone fly autonomously. How could I calculate the desired control input: roll, pitch, yaw and thrust based on the current feedback? Is there an equation? If I want the acceleration in x direction be a_x, what should be the control command generated from the ground station? roll=f(a_x), pitch=f(a_x)… thrust=f(a_x) ? Are there such equations?

Hello, Jason!

It’s indeed a very general question.

ArduPilot achieves it by means of Kalman filter but it’s not a silver bullet. Here’s a slightly outdated but very applicable doc entry you can study. There’re other more simple methods as well. I suppose you can take a look at the real implementation of ArduPilot or other autopilot software in order to clear this thing out.

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