Automatic Saving of RTK Points

@polina.buriak can you help me regarding this? Thank you .

I am a bit confused about the Reachview 2 settings for automatic saving of RTK fix points.
Scenario - I want to place an RS2 on an ATV that will travel through open grasslands. I want to set the RS2 to save all fix solution points.
In Reachview Survey tab, there is an option to automatically save fix solutions. However within the said tab, you have to set the minimum observation time to calculate for a fix solution. I think the default is 40 seconds.
Question - using the minimum time to 40 seconds or even 5 seconds, does it mean that the resulting csv file will only contain points recorded every 40 or 5 seconds IF there is a fix solution?

How do I set it up to record all fix solutions at every 1 second or faster?

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Nevermind, it’s in the LLH file.
I was surprised even Emlid people could not respond to my question?

@polina.buriak just moved my question to another forum without even answering it.

Thanks for sharing the solution

Hi Juan,

You can collect the points in the Survey tool only by initializing it from the ReachView app. To continuously record the unit’s position, you indeed can record the position log in the Logging tab. The rate of recording is the same as the update rate set in the RTK Settings.

However, you can’t filter out the solution status while recording the position log. It means that if your solution drops to Float, the position log will continue to record. You will be able to check it later in the various tools, for example, in RTKPlot.

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