Automatic Point Collection Based on Distance (AutoTOPO)

I was wondering if this system could automatically record points based on distance. I.e: take a data point every meter as the GPS moves through space; and if so, how this is achieved with this system.

You could develop a one-liner script that does that. A quick hack could simply discard any new point less than one meter from the last point. And you could go down the rabbit hole of improvements as far as you like. I can think of several ways of improving upon that simple idea.

You could run it on your computer, or you could run it on Reach and redirect the NMEA output to another TCP port or even send it out the serial port.

Before you even go down that road (or rabbit hole), why don’t you just record all the data, and just interpolate your track at 1 meter distances. My guess is that there probably software out there already can do what you are asking. Graphically speaking, it could be as simple as turning your recorded track or ‘path’ into a solid line, and then making it a dotted line. Or it could be done in a spreadsheet, or with a script like I already mentioned.

I apologize, I was not clear as to exactly what I meant with my phrasing of “automatically record points based on distance”. Specifically what I am referencing is whether there is the ability to access a setting where the data point collection interface will automatically collect points itself without manual user driven recording measures such as clicking the screen being required, and, if so, can you adjust the frequency of the automatic point collection to be based on distance? I understand how script could achieve the 1m intervals, however I am more specifically concerned with whether point collection can be hands free or if manual point taking is the only option.

I suppose the simple answer is that there is no such setting in ReachView.

The sampling of points is done in synchronization with time. You pick from: 14Hz, 10Hz, 5Hz, 1Hz.

Because those points are sampled with good precision of time, the distance between the points will be directly proportional to the speed of your rover.

With sample frequency of 1Hz, a rover speed of 1m/s will produce points that are 1m apart.

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