Automate Emlid Studio combinations

I have been testing different combinations of SNR, Mask, Constellations, etc. for hours. in a lot of flights I did with a fixed wing drone. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for the software to do that job for me by selecting the best combination of these parameters (comparing the results) or at least processing all possible combinations of parameters in a certain range so that I can then select the best results? Because I feel a bit silly trying to get lucky by finding the perfect combination that gives me fix, waiting several minutes it to process, over and over again for hours when the computer could do it perfectly for me…

I know where your idea is coming from, I have had the same thought as well.

However, the problem is not so much the combinations, but what the combinations do to your solution. You can tweak so much that your results can potentially become inaccurate. In other words, all fixes aren’t born equal.

A better solution is to improve your data-quality, so it can process with fairly conservative settings.


Hi Augusto,

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I caught your train of thought! But at this point, we probably need artificial intelligence or something. We have chosen our default settings so that they work well in most cases, but there are always outsets. And each case requires thorough analyzing to find the best settings.

If you have some difficulties, you can send us your data, and we’ll help you to choose suitable parameters. Or we’ll explain why the results look the way they are.