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I am doing a glider with Navio2 with arduplane 3.8.5 and I cant find something about Autologin or some script.
Its possible to start arduplane in the air ?
Thanks for answer.

(Vikeyer) #3

Hello there!
Isn’t this an answer to your question? If you change arducopter to arduplane.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #4

Hi @R1val,

Why do you want to start arduplane in the air? Could you please tell more about your application?


Hi @tatiana.andreeva
I am doing with my mates project about glider with a meteo probe. The glider will flyup on helium ball and after his destruction, the aircraft will be operated by Navio. I have a few points for this project:

  1. Autostart the aurdupilot after start raspberry
  2. Autostart some mission autostart of a predefined mission or the flight itself to some defined “Home point”
  3. I do not know whether the mission planner must be part of the product or the mission can be defined in advance.

Thank you for answer.

(Tatiana Andreeva) #6

Hi @R1val,

You can configure autostart using the command @vikeyer shared above or just specify “enable on boot” option during configuration with emlidtool.

Check Planning a mission with Waypoints article in ardupilot docs, it describes the workflow.

You can use freely available GCS software for mission planning, such as Mission Planner and QGroundControl.